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Discover a wide range of advertising possibilities, and search by social media platforms, prices and even locations. This allows you as an individual or business to run exceptionally targeted silent-marketing campaigns with the content you prefer.


Bazaar allows you to interact directly with potential customers/advertisers through our chat. It's recommended to use this before any purchase, in order to ensure that both the influencer and the publisher agree to the content being published, duration and price.


All payments are done instantly through the app, using Stripe as a payment provider. This allows swift and secure transactions, and no credit card information will be stored on our servers. All payment requests from the app are done through 128/256 bit encryption SSL.


Bazaar for influencers

Bazaar allows any individual to start advertising on their social media account, with a minimum of 5,000 impressions. The core purpose of the platform, is to allow people to make money by publishing content that they choose themselves by simply accepting or rejecting an advertising offer, withouth being bound to any contract. Connect your Stripe account, and receive payments instantly!

Creating a new service on Bazaar does not require you to give up any sign-in details what so ever, simply provide the account name, amount of followers and a short decription to make it more appealing for potential customers. The price and duration for each advertisement is also something you choose yourself. Simply set a price, or mark it as 'TBD' (to be discussed), and you're good to go!


Bazaar Features

Not only does Bazaar have an outstanding user interface, but it does also hold many significant and useful features in its core infrastructure, such as:

Secure Platform

All payment requests are using advanced encryption standards.

Instant purchase

Once a transaction is complete, the money will be sent instantly.

Direct messaging

Communicate in real-time with potential customers/advertisers.

Profile customization

Customize your profile, allowing you to improve your overall impression.

Push notifications

Get notified instantly when something happens.

Transaction history

Keep track of all your requests and incoming/outgoing transactions.

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